To guarantee and increase the quality of our services, SATA follows since 1998 a Certified Quality Sistem in accordance with the rule UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The management system regards: planning and distribution of consultant services for the management systems in the food farming, technical support, trial, inspections, check, education and fucntional check of the sprayers machines. (Document 30006/13/S promulgated from RINA Services).

In 2013, SATA obtained from Regione Piemonte the acknowledgement as Certified Center (C36) for the functional check and instrumental regulation of sprayers bars, sprayers and spears; in 2016 has been acknowledged Mobile Center n°11 for Regione Sicilia.

Instead, in 2014, SATA obtained the accreditation from Regione Piemonte (cod. D54113) for the training courses’s continuous supply.

With the increasing  relevance of experimentation, in 2017 SATA achieved the acknowledgement as Trial Center to execution of experimental trials in agricultural field all over Italy, in accordance with the decree 03/09/2017 of the Food, Forestry and Agricultural Politics Ministry.

Still in 2017, SATA achieved the qualify of GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Assurer Company for a qualified consultation in implementation of GLOBALG.A.P. standard at agricultura companies and producers organizations.