Our reference partner is the controlled laboratory Cadir Lab, wich takes care of chemical analysis on vegetal matrix.

Cadir Lab’s strenghts are the promptess in results supplying, and the certainty in a qualified and clear service

Moreove, the lab is accredited ACCREDIA #221 for the implementation of tests as fruit and vegetables matrix, wine, rice, corn, dried herbs and other. Click here for more details

Together with the lab, we offer service of integrated analysis putting together severals interdisciplinary competences with a large vision on the food farming supply chain.

Consequently, depending on needs and requests of our customers, besides analysis data, we are able to interpreting the results correlating to:
– crop’s problem;
– safety operator’s perspective and food safety;
– the respect of mandatory regulations;
– market and buyers requests according to product end use.

We continually follow the improvement of Cadir Lab services and the developement of new analytical services according to market needs, regulations updates, introduction of new sector’s problem and punctual requests of new customers.