Analysis and controls

Beyond the consultation services, SATA S.r.l. offers also services of control and analysis of the product in all of his steps. In particular we offer:

  • Enhancement product’s services;
  • Product’s qualitatives controls:
  • Labeling’s controls;
  • Commodity-related analysis;
  • Chemical analysis on vegetals moulds.


Services for the enhancement of the produc

SATA selcted a bunch of services for the product's enhancement, for all the subjects that work in the farming food supply chain: Product's Benchmarking; Premium controls of the supply chain; IGB/DOP Controls
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Qualitative controls of the product

SATA's staff can conduct for its customer an activity of qualitative control on vegetals product in the distribution center (CE.DI), warehouse and distribution's shop. 
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Labeling’s Control

Thanks to the experience matured in years and to the continuous updating of the technicals about the regulations in force, SATA can offer services of planning and labeling control of the foodstufss
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Commodities analysis

The SATA's commodity lab can test the quality of the food products and, consequently, their compliance compared to the current regulations.
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Chemicals analysis on vegetals matrix

SATA, to satisfy to the best the needs of its customers, offers a bunch of integrated services to the chemical analysis.
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