The chemicals analysis are made for SATA, by the controlled laboratory CADIR LAB for research of chemical contaminats on the fruit and vegetables products, cereals and dried herbs, for the research of: pesticides; mycotoxins; metals and other contaminants; speciation of inorganic arsenic; alkaloids; morpholines; falcarinol; indole-3-carbinol; polyphenols.

SATA, to satisfy to the best the needs of its customers, offers moreover a bunch of integrated services to the chemical analysis, which are:

  • Set up of control plans analytical about products, to define appropriate analysis packages distinguished both for the single products and their origin, updating them according to the curren regulations and the risk indices defined by SATA.
  • Sampling activity conducted by specialized technicals in all the national territory, following specific standardized and certified process. This activity is essential to achieve final measuring representatives;
  • Evaluation of analytical result, expression of the conformity assessment and interpretation of the data itself, according to the current regulatory standard and possibily according to the reference’s conractual standard, communicated by the customer;
  • End of the year’s elaboration of analytical data for the creation of a historical database, to support the planning of new analytical control’s process.
  • ARFD calculation and printing of a conformity’s report for the foreign GDO’s groups.

In order to guarantee quality and reliability, our laboratory CADIR LAB has the following credits:

  • Credit Accredia (#0221): for the execution of test and the determination of plant protection product’s residuals, heavy metals, nitrates and mycotoxines on vegetals matrix, including fruit and vegetables, wine, rice, cereals, etc.
  • Certified QS Laboratory: for the control of residuals in fruit and vegetables

It is also registered in the lists of the certified laboratories to realize:

  • Analysis of chemical contaminants on biological products.
  • Analytical trials for the selfcontrol of food industries in Piemonte.
  • Analysis on exported foods in Japan and Indonesia. Visit the website of laboratory CADIR LAB: