Thanks to the experience of its consultants, SATA developed this category of services dedicated to the companies that want to develop and sell worth fruit and vegetables products, distinguishing on the market and position themselves with a clear orientation to the final consumer.

So SATA selcted a bunch of services for the product’s enhancement, for all the subjects that work in the farming food supply chain:

  • Product’s Benchmarking: is a comparison process of the company product with the same of the main competitors, to understand the factors that determine the competitive benefit and to find possibile improvement starting point
  • Placement analysis: SATA’s work will identify the customer’s competitors and will suggest which price and which quality level are in the market; which kind of packaging the use; which information they give in label and which areas theiy conquered in sales counters of the distribution.
  • Premium controls of the supply chain: an harvest product with a inappropriate degree of maturation; carried badly or bad managed during the selling process frustrate every effort to offer customers a quality product.
    SATA’s experts can hel to verify the product’s value through controls since the field to the shop. Like this it will be possible to identify the critical points on which it is a loss of product’s value and intervene in a targeted manner.
  • IGB/DOP Controls: SATA’s Staff, by responsibility of consuel syndicates, in virtuue of escrow anges, collaborate to the surveillance, the protection and the safeguard of DOP/IGP from violation, forgery and inappropriated use of denomination protect.

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