We define ourselves as supply chain consultans because we can satisfy our customer’s needs, through specifics services and customized projects

So, we can guarantee a supply chain vision and an integrate approach with analysis and check activities.


Implementation of voluntary and mandatory systems

Our team can guide companies of all the food farming supply chain in implementation, fulfillment of the mandatories regulations (PAN, HACCP, Workers Selfcontrol and Safety) an in the subscription to product's voluntary standards (GLOBAL G.A.P., GRASP, SQNPI, IFS, BRC, QS, LEAF) all over the national territory
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Developement Projects for the Supply Chain

SATA's agronomists don't provide only in the technical support. Thanks to the vegetal supply chain knolewdges, our agronomists guarantee a service that integrates agronomic needs of the customer to the market and distribution's requests.
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Products’s Trial

From the very first activity years, the agricultural supply chain's knowledge allowed SATA to activate an experimentation service.  The distribution of other services for the food farming supply chain allowed SATA to evolve the experimentation in the agricultural field, integrating the classical aspect (with new distinctive elements.
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Services of Technical Support

The technical support's services that we offer for the agricultural companies and the integrated and biological supply chain are: Agronomical Consultation "Wise"; Professional Formation; Functional control and instrumental regulation of sprayers machine to PAN objective.
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