SATA takes all of its experience and knowledge of the vegetal supply chain, following the product in its entire path, from the farm to the distribution in the marketplace.

One of the well-known SATA’s services, is one of the key points of the “Supply Chain’s Agronomist” concept.

SATA’s agronomists don’t provide only in the technical support.

Thanks to the vegetal supply chain knolewdges, our agronomists guarantee a service that integrates agronomic needs of the customer to the market and distribution’s requests.

The “Supply Chain agronomist” examines the contest and the environment’s needs to define the technical intervention, creating the prerequisite for a main enhancement of the products.

To respect the specifics or disciplinaries standard of the supply chain, it’s required not only a technical knoweledge, but also that vision of supply chaint and those management of severals data ability that identify the SATA’s “Supply Chain Agronomist”.