Our team can guide companies of all the food farming supply chain in implementationfulfillment of the mandatories regulations (PAN, HACCP, Workers Selfcontrol and Safety) an in the subscription to product’s voluntary standards (GLOBAL G.A.P., GRASP, SQNPI, IFS, BRC, QS, LEAF) all over the national territory

Thanks to the knowledge of the standards and the supply chain’s laws in force, our technicals are able to:

  • Verify and evaluate the beginning situation through an inspection to the location of the company.
  • Define with the customer, the implementation process of the law or standard chosen
  • Supply the client with a customized technical support plan ongoing in time.
  • Prepare all the essential documents to respect the regulation and the standard.
  • Qualified training to the producer or company’s technicals, illustrating the contents of the standard.
  • Give support during the management of the certifying path with the authority and the Control System.