From the very first activity years, the agricultural supply chain’s knowledge allowed SATA to activate an experimentation service.

The distribution of other services for the food farming supply chain (as the consultation for the respect of specific standard and disciplinary of supply chain or the multi-residual analisys) allowed SATA to evolve the experimentation in the agricultural field, integrating the classical aspect (as efficacy of products, selectivity etc.) with new distinctive elements (over all: molecule residuality; biological/chemical integration; residual test as the GDO Standard, product’s qualitative characteristic).

Beyond offering a trial service in GEP (Good Experimental Practices), SATA can elaborate specifics projects to integrate the several factor of productions (as pesticides, biostimulatives, fertilizers, varieties) in order to achieve a perfect farming method, depending on needs and conditions.

In collaboration with clients and partners, we fulfill didactics events to introduce several technicals solution to the main supply