The technical support’s services that we offer for the agricultural companies and the integrated and biological supply chain are:

  • Agronomical Consultation “Wise”: to develop to the best this activity is essential to have a vision of all the supply chain.
    So, the technical intervention can be set up not only to solve the customer’s problematics, but also and mostly to set up an activities system that allow to enhance the product and the farmer work.
    SATA’s staff propose itself like a real decision support’s instrument, thanks to the data’s flow that they can manage.
  • Professional Formation: in 2014, SATA achieved the credit from Regione Piemonte (cod. D54113) to dispense continuing education courses.
    SATA can offer professional formation courses, thanks to a staff always updated and accurate to the evolution of the national and international regulation.
    Furthermore, our staff can also report the existance of potential public loans for the activity made. By requests, SATA’s staff distribute a formation’s service “itinerant” of all the national territory, composed by visit in the company and supports with qualified staff.
  • Functional control and instrumental regulation of sprayers machine to PAN objectives: SATA apply the “Wise” consultation also for this activity.
    SATA’s Staff, beyond customize the regulation service, depending on needs (crops, phenological steps, breeding, etc.), can also suggest the equipements to agronomical treatment most suitable to the company.
    Since 2013, SATA is recognized, from Regione Piemonte, as Certified Center (C36) for the functional controls and instrumental regulation of sprayers bars, atomizers and spears; from 2016 as Mobile Center #11 from Regione Sicilia.