Privacy policy


Collection and use of information 

SATA srl collects information and data that users choose to provide; SATA srl also collects information relating to user access in order to identify, solve problems and improve the services offered. 

The purposes of the collection and use of information are those of autonomous reporting by candidates to customer organizations and partners of SATA srl who are interested in selecting and recruiting staff, through the information of curricula vitae and profiles entered voluntarily by them. candidates. 

The information that the user decides to post on the portal will be consulted, used and classified by other subjects who will be able to access it, as holders of rights guaranteed by the partnership or customer relationship with SATA srl. 

SATA srl carries out all the operations necessary to ensure that the information is placed in a safe and secure environment, trying to limit access to the database and legitimizing users with appropriate methods, but cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons will not obtain the access in an irregular way. 

Furthermore, SATA srl cannot control the ways in which authorized users catalog and transfer the information downloaded from the database, therefore it is up to the user to ensure that sensitive information is not posted on the SATA srl Portal. 

The information provided by the user is used by SATA srl to deliver the products and services offered and to develop the portal; some of our services may also include the display of personalized content and advertising messages. 

SATA srl may use the user’s information to contact him on updates to the Portal, to carry out surveys and for information communications (with the possibility for the user to deny consent) and relating to its services, including updates to the software used. 

Communication of the information collected 

SATA srl may share information provided by the user with third parties that support the delivery of its products and the performance of its services to the users themselves. Such third parties may not use this information for purposes other than assistance and support in the provision of the aforementioned products and services. 

The information collected can be shared if this is required by law. The information collected on our sites is cataloged in whole or in part in Italy and is subject to the law of the Italian Republic. 

SATA srl may disclose or transfer information if its economic activity is sold or acquired. 

The management of their information by the user 

The user can review, correct or delete their personal information at any time; to carry out these operations, simply access your private area, access the “Personal settings” area and make the necessary changes. 

Previous information relating to the user will be deleted, but logs and other statistical and demographic information about the user may be kept, keeping an archived copy of such information anonymously. 

If the personal information of users has been consulted by other subjects at a time prior to the revisions and deletions, SATA srl cannot delete the previous information on their systems. 

Other Relevant Information and Insights 

Please see the full version of the Privacy Statement as well as the Privacy Policy for further information. Our sites are not suitable for children under the age of 18. 


For any further information or details, clarifications and questions about our privacy practices, you can contact us at the e-mail address or through the forms in the contact section of our site. It is also possible to write to us at the following 

Privacy policy