Control and analysis


they are carried out, for SATA, by its own laboratory Cadir Lab, on several food products. Such activity can be offered together with the sampling, done by SATA associates all over Italy, in compliance with official procedures. Sampling in the right way is pivotla in order to get reliable results.

Cadir Lab


Carried out by Cadir Lab, is a pivotal tool in order to monitor the produce organolpetic features, the labelling and other requirements mentioned in the reatiler/client specification

Cadir Lab


First and second party inspection executed across the whole supply chain, from producers, through distribution centres up to the reatiler. Not only in person, SATA can carry out remote audit too, thanks to the latest web services and tools


Produce which are not properly harvested, transported or stocked, may jeopardize the entire agri-food value chain. SATA can verify the quality of several prodcuce, mainly fresh, right from the field and across the supply chain. By doing so, it is possible to pinpoint the critical points and tackle the most recurring problems. The controls are uploaded real-time onto a digitla platform developed by SATA, at which clients can have direct access too.


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